• WYSIWYG - Each webpage snapshot will appear the same as it does in a standard web browser.
  • Fail-safe Design & Stability - HtmlCapture.Net can handle heavy loads without fear of failure. Each task is processed in a separate thread so even if your rendering engine fails, the task will still complete.
  • High DPI - Take webpage snapshots with as high a resolution as you need. This is especially useful for creating PDF documents.
  • Language Versatility - You can convert HTML to image using a variety of .NET programming languages as-is. You don't need any additional third-party libraries.
  • Highly Customizable - You can customize your snapshots in a variety of ways by controlling referrers, cookies, information sent to fill out forms, login information, ActiveX/Java control, video, and more.
  • Image Format & Processing - Images can be saved in a variety of image formats such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, and .tiff. Additionally, HtmlCapture.Net can automatically clip images and adding margins where needed.
  • Built-in Command Line - In case snapshot jobs need to be executed out of process, the built-in command line provides more stability.
  • Support for Other Web Formats - In addition to HTML, HtmlCapture.Net can convert MHT, VML, SVG and SWF files to image.