Take a tour of the best NAnt IDE

From intelligent code completion, to powerful visual designer and integrated nant debugger, NAntBuilder integrates all the features you need to author large scale nant projects and manage automated build process. Learn more about the range of features that come standard with every NAntBuilder installation:

  • Code completion

    NAntBuilder provides code completion as you type, which allows you quickly find an NAnt element, element's attribute, property or function and then insert the code into the editor.

  • Syntax Highlighting

    NAntBuilder supports syntax highlighting for NAnt script.

  • Integrated Debugger

    NAntBuilder provides an integrated NAnt script debugger. You can add breakpoints and step NAnt execution, view call stack, and watch property values.

  • Visual Designer

    A visual script designer was added to NAntBuilder2. It is quite easy to use and can let you create powerful nant scripts by dragging and dropping tasks from the Toolbox to the designer view.

  • Integrated NAnt Documentation

    In NAntBuilder, you can easily access the NAnt documentation. Move the caret to an element and press the F1 key, the documentation of the specified element will be shown in the built-in web browser. You can alos use the it to navigate within NAnt documentation.

  • VS-like Code Template

    NAntBuilder provides Visual studio like code snippet. It can save thousands of keystrokes when authoring NAnt script. Press the Tab key to move to the next input box in code template. Press the Enter key to close all input boxes and move the caret to pre-defined cursor position. If you want to close all input boxes and not change current caret position, press the Esc key.

  • Script Outline View

    Once text editor's content was modified, NAntBuilder will update the tree list in Outline View to show the outline of current NAnt script. Double clicking on an outline item will move the text editor's caret to the corresponding position.

  • Syntax Error View

    NAntBuilder provides a Syntax Error View to display syntax errors in the current NAnt script. Double clicking on one error item can move the caret to the location of the syntax error in the text editor.

  • Quick Browser Panel

    Quick browser panel can help you navigate between targets and elements easily. Click on an item in the quick browser panel to navigate to its corresponding location in the text editor.

  • Script Folding

    If you are fed up scrolling through thousands of lines of code and want to keep a good code overview, script folding will be useful. You can click on the "minus" mark to collapse a folding section.

  • Output Highlighting

    NAntBuilder provides output highlighting. Output messages will be displayed in different color and font.